One Country, One Market

We are one country. We should be one market.

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As Canadians, we’re proud to live in a country made up of 13 unique provinces and territories. We visit, explore, do business and shop across provincial borders. Find a cool local beer on your travels? Taste a wine that you love when visiting relatives across the country? Fantastic! Bring home a few six-packs or bottles to enjoy in your own home! But wait, it’s not that easy.

Did you know?

There are arcane laws that limit the amount of alcohol you can transport across provincial lines. Similar laws prevent Canadians from doing business or working in some specific sectors across certain provincial borders—preventing Canadians from trading freely within our own country. Not only that, but it’s sometimes easier to do business in another country than in another province! And that just isn’t right.

Who is Mr. Comeau?

Mr. Gerard Comeau, a retiree, was stopped by police and fined nearly $300 for having brought back to New Brunswick beer and liquor that he had purchased in Quebec. But Mr. Comeau did not just take his punishment. He contested his fine before the Provincial Court, and won his case. The provincial government appealed, and now the case is before the Supreme Court. The Comeau case is making headlines, and we all need to show our support.

United we trade.

We need your help to build a movement to support Mr. Comeau’s and every Canadian’s right to trade freely across borders. We are one Canada. We should be one market.

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